自然と文化の街「福山」に 2021年4月15日グランドオープン!!




住所:広島県福山市三之丸町2-16   アクセス:JR山陽本線 福山駅 南口 徒歩1分
電話番号: 084-973-6880




  • 720-0066 広島県福山市三之丸町2番16号 ダイワロイネットホテル福山駅前1F
  • 084-927-0017
  • 7時00分~22時00分



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01:13 07 Mar 23
The parking lot is a mechanical parking lot, so you need to check if you have a high roof car. The room was kept clean and I was able to use the bathroom and toilet separately. I had a bad leg, so I asked the receptionist to book a taxi in advance, but I couldn’t arrange it because it was nearby. It would be even better if the hotel can arrange a taxi company or private taxi that gives some flexibility.read more
00:32 17 Dec 22
This is a new hotel in a good location in front of Fukuyama Station. The entrance is wide and check-in is smooth.The facility is new, so it feels fresh.You will be able to settle your account using the same check-in/check-out machine nationwide, so there is no confusion.The room was large and the room had a view of Fukuyama Castle, so it was lit up at night and it was possible to see a fantastic castle.You can also see the Shinkansen and conventional lines, so I think you can enjoy Fukuyama Station and Fukuyama Castle.A large TV is also installed, so it is just the right size to watch separately.read more
15:48 15 Dec 22
It was a beautiful hotel. As a Japanese person, I am happy that there is a washing area in the bath.As soon as I entered the breakfast venue on the first floor, I felt a strong chlorine smell of disinfection.It’s a place to eat, so the smell was honestly painful.If you keep smelling it all the time, you will get used to it, and the staff will be fine.I guess. Cleanliness is important, but I don’t think overdoing it will have any effect.I want you to be careful about the smell so that you can eat deliciouslym(*_ _)mread more
bajiri (comarin)
14:37 23 Nov 22
The interior is beautiful because it is shallow. I feel good.Convenience stores, various shops and restaurants are also very close and convenient.My personal recommendation is the massage chair in the room.It evenly relaxes you from your neck to the soles of your feet. At first, the pressure points on your feet were so painful that you wanted to run away, but each time you repeat, they become more comfortable. Best!read more
Jason Camorlinga
22:11 22 Nov 22
I primarily booked the room based on its location along my planned route but it ended up being one of my favorite hotels on my recent trip to Japan. The hotel is quite new and the rooms larger than a standard Japanese hotel typically offers. The bathroom was great but the best was when I looked out the window to a GREAT view of Fukuyama Castle. The onsen/spa was beautiful and really was beyond what I expected all around. Check-out was completed easily with the digital kiosk and many language options were available. Highly recommend!read more
yoshy Yoshi
09:31 06 Nov 22
2022/11 first visitCospa is good. “I came here after work and was able to relax in a beautiful room.”I didn’t use it, but a trouser press might be usefulThe room was spacious and the bathroom was also spacious and comfortable.read more
10:36 03 Nov 22
福山駅前で人気の大衆食堂。壁一面にびっくりするくらいの数の紙のメニュー札が几帳面に貼り付けてあります。夜入店し、カキフライ定食をメインに単品をいくつか頼みましたが、どれも美味しくいただきました。こういう老舗のお店は、店員さんの接客も上手くて楽しめますね。read more
02:56 01 Oct 22
Everything was more than the price, and it was a satisfying hotel.Recently, hotels have expanded all over the country, but the one I stayed at this time was just opened in 2021, and all rooms have separate bathrooms, which was very good.Currently, there is nothing on the east side, so you can see the Shinkansen coming and going from the room, but this view may disappear when the next building is completed.If I had one complaint, it would be that the 3 laundry machines (charged) also had a high level of security where you could enter a PIN, but due to some bad manners users, it took a long time. Did you mean that there were times when you couldn’t use it because you didn’t come to pick it up?merit● Extremely close distance of about 1 minute on foot from the station●All rooms have separate baths and toilets●Since it will be completed in 2021, the overall facilities are still clean.Demerit● Noneread more
Kamaboko –
22:18 11 Aug 22
Near the station. A convenience store is within a 2-minute walk. It was a twin room, but there is a work desk and a chair so that office work can be done. There are USB charging ports on the bed and desk. (5v1.5A)read more
12:32 28 Jul 22
The hotel was new and very clean.Bathroom in particular was considerably large and was very comfortable.There was no charge for children, but at the time of check-in, children were provided with small toys and toothbrushes, and I thought their thoughtfulness was wonderful.However, it was the only disappointing thing that credit was not possible due to another accounting when the parking lot stopped.read more
23:24 04 Jun 22
It was a spacious room with a separate toilet and bath.It’s still new and very clean and comfortable.There are restaurants nearby, and there are fashionable places and old-fashioned shops, so the location is good.read more
01:39 16 May 22
Stayed for the weekend. Is it around 7000-8000 yen per night without meals? was. The view was very good because it was a superior twin and it was on the castle side, but unfortunately the castle was under construction… I was able to relax while looking at the people waiting for the train. Correspondence of receptionist is good, too. Amenities are generally good. Only the razor has to go up from the bottom because the material is difficult. I was able to take a leisurely bath in a separate bath. Isn’t it a good one because cospa and location are good? I dare say that the TV was the latest Mitsubishi large screen TV and the speakers were on the bottom, but it didn’t have a YOUTUBE button, so I couldn’t hear good sound. I have stayed in various places, but it was a bit disappointing because the latest TV is an advantage. Oh, location is the best, too and thinks that there is not mistake with this hotel if we are at a loss for the time being. Thank you very much.read more
12:01 07 May 22
I used it the night before the game with my elementary school boy. There are amenities for children, a separate bath and toilet, and the room is large and shiny. The location is good, and I thought I was able to meet a good quality hotel with a very good cost performance after a long time (๑ ・ ̑◡ ・ ̑๑)read more
cona 0079
09:11 02 May 22
The room was very clean and the reception was excellent.However, the attitude of the parking lot organizer is the worst.Even though I was waiting according to his instructions, I guided the car that came in first and made a complaint about the matter, “Yes, yes, I’m sorry, please be careful.” I was guided while fluttering.It is not recommended to come by car.read more
ken ken
07:26 11 Apr 22
A satisfying hotel. The room is clean and the toilet and bath space is large and easy to use. If you order breakfast, it costs 1,650 yen from 7 o’clock. Select Japanese and Western dishes at LOCALO CAFE on the first floor.read more
Saka Geen (SakaGeeen)
13:15 25 Feb 22
I used it for business. 1 minute walk from the station (^ _ ^;) It’s too close and convenient. New and beautiful. The bus had a rain shower and was fun. Breakfast is not a buffet, and I am grateful for the corona. I want to use it again.read more
01:56 16 Feb 22
It’s a beautiful hotel ✨The staff was also kind and I put it in when my family stayed, but I am grateful that the drink was cold and handed over. It may not be all rooms, but I’m glad that I could see Fukuyama Castle from the room and it was lit up a little.I think it will cost about 1200 yen for guests in the parking lot.There was a vending machine for juice and alcohol, washing and drying, and a cafe.Fukuyama station is right in front of you, so you don’t have to worry about going out for a meal. Convenience stores also have Seven-Eleven and Lawson soon.There is also a New Castle Hotel next door.read more
Tetsufumi FUKANO
12:13 15 Feb 22
When I visited, it was very beautiful because it was said that it was just after the opening. The bath was wide and I was able to take a slow bath.I arrived late and was having trouble finding a restaurant for dinner, but the reception was very helpful in finding a restaurant that was still open. Also, the restaurant was recommended by the staff, so the food was delicious and I was very satisfied. I would like to use it again if I have the opportunity to go to Fukuyama.read more
hiro T
13:10 13 Feb 22
We stayed at Superior Twin.The room is large and clean! The bath and toilet are also independent. There are no toilet and washroom walls, but it’s very clean and spacious so I didn’t feel unpleasant at all ^ ^ The room was very clean, but the springs on the bed mattress were very soft and it made a very loud unpleasant sound just by turning over. I wondered if I was using an old one 💦Breakfast is at the cafe on the 1st floor, and now you can choose between Japanese and Western dishes. It was very delicious ♪ Also, I would like to use it if I have the opportunity, but I want you to fix the bet. It’s 1104!read more
11:47 01 Jan 22
I get the impression that Daiwa Roynet is a little far from the station everywhere, but Roynet in Fukuyama is right in front of the station.You don’t have to worry about eating at a ramen shop in front of the station.Both the room and the facilities were comfortable.The shower has enough momentum and I am satisfied.read more
mi-ko Yura
04:37 17 Dec 21
We stayed with three people, but the room was large and clean, and we were able to relax ❣️There is a massage chair.The view was good on the top floor 😊It’s right in front of Fukuyama Castle, but I couldn’t see it during the renovation work, but …The bathroom is glass-walled and the washroom is fashionable 💖Of course, the toilet was different!I felt a little extravagant and wanted to stay again 👍️read more
05:31 15 Dec 21
After all, I stayed cheaply using the discount in Hiroshima, but I had you upgrade the room further.The mist shower and massage machine were also comfortableI didn’t use breakfast because of the word of mouth, but I ate lunch before check-in, but the menu was small.Although it is managed separately from the hotel, if I go to the counter to order, is it a part-time job? Were talking to each other as if they were freeIt was almost a satisfying hotel, but on the morning of the coldest wave of the year, it was cold even though I came to my pajamas and slept with the air conditioner on, and the floor of the bath did not seem to be a crisp floor.While I was soaking in the bathtub, the temperature of the hot water dropped steadily, and I just added it little by little and entered it.Nonetheless, the hotel staff was very responsive, and even if I passed the person who cleaned the morning, I was able to greet him politely and spend a pleasant time.I asked all the hotels in the area about the bath, but it was almost a unit bath.I think I wanted to eat if the breakfast was a little cheaper, but I will stay againthank youread more
05:48 07 Dec 21
After all a good hotel is good ~.The price is also better than a hotel called Inn.This quality is a little high.The rooms are large and the shower rooms are separateToilet is separate.It was a good hotel life.The desk is wide and cuteThere are also living-style chairs and tablesYou can spend it gracefully.This hotel is in a prime location in front of the stationThere is also a convenience store in front of you,Bars and popular ramen shopsIt was in the immediate vicinity.The plants and lobby near the entranceGood taste, correspondence of the windowIt’s really good.I think I will stay there next time I go to Fukuyama.read more
05:42 26 Oct 21
It was really in front of the station. The guard of Fukuyama Castle is also good. It was new and it was good to have a separate bath and toilet. The bathtub and shower were also easy to use.read more
09:29 13 Oct 21
I stayed at work, but there are no complaints about 5 stars! ️ The atmosphere in the room was good and it was easy to sleep.I missed breakfast and was impatient, but there is a very conscientious service that you can use it at the Rocalo Cafe as a cash voucher for 1,650 yen even after the expiration date. I used to stay at other hotels, but it was incomparably comfortable, including the service. Thank you very much.I definitely want to stay again even in private!read more
15:29 28 Sep 21
I always use it when I’m on a business trip. The rooms are clean as they are still new. It would be better if the boys at the front desk were a little more charmingread more
22:49 15 Sep 21
It is really in front of the person who is not on the castle side of Fukuyama station. Very convenient for those who use the train.Roynet quality that is safe in terms of facilities in a newly built building. The hardness of the bed was the best and I was able to sleep well the night before due to lack of sleep.I used to use a car, but it’s also convenient because it’s three-dimensional but adjacent. However, please note that the operation is not a hotel and only cash or PayPay will be settled when you stop.Thank you for your help m (_ _) mread more
Yukiyo T
00:43 11 Sep 21
It was a very beautiful hotel both inside and outside.I used it for sightseeing in Onomichi this time.The parking lot next to the hotel was 1,200 yen per night for the guests. The man in charge is a very nice person.The double rooms were located on the west and north sides, but the twin rooms I stayed at this time are only facing north, so you can see the Shinkansen and Fukuyama Castle well. Twin rooms are definitely recommended for 2 people.There are only 3 drum-type laundry machines in the coin laundry, and I can see the usage status on the TV in the room, but I couldn’t use it after all because it was in use at any time. I was in trouble because it was a trip with less clothes, relying on a coin laundry.For breakfast, I had a Western set meal at the cafe on the first floor of the hotel. It was voluminous and delicious, but it was a pity that I had only one drink. It costs about 1,650 yen, so I’m not saying it’s all-you-can-drink, but I’d like you to add at least one cup of juice and one cup of coffee.The beauty and sophistication of the hotel is here, but the comfort of breakfast and bed mattresses is better than the Richmond Hotel in your neighborhood.Check-out is completed in an instant as you just insert the room card into the front machine. I think that it is a good system in the times of corona disaster.read more
17:23 04 Sep 21
This is a new hotel.It is a bath that makes you want to immerse yourself in the bathtub with a wide range of toilets and bath lames.The location in front of the station is also helpful.There are convenience stores and restaurants in the area, which is convenient.read more
Dustin Homan
02:23 22 Aug 21
cp fdiy
00:19 15 Jul 21
There was no problem until check-out, but I was surprised at the rude attitude of the front desk who responded at the end. A glimpse of the human identity is extremely unpleasant. Do you tolerate the surroundings? The hotel impression is ruined by just one person, and the other hotel staff are sorry.read more
ame hajimari
12:20 30 Jun 21
The room is beautiful.The area around the bath and wash basin is based on white and has a clean feel.The front desk is kind to everyone.He also covered this inconvenience.I was able to stay comfortably.Thank you very much.The location is also in front of the station.I forgot my membership card, but it seems that I can give points later.read more
03:11 28 May 21
This is a new hotel at the south exit of Fukuyama Station.It takes less than a minute on foot.Fukuyama Castle is in front of you from the room.This hotel looks great in the rose town of Fukuyama. There is also a shopping street nearby, where you can enjoy delicious food from the town of Fukuyama.read more
14:48 22 Mar 21
We stayed at the pre-opening. It’s new, so it’s very beautiful and the desk is wide, so it’s easy to work.
09:03 11 Mar 21
This is a new hotel in Fukuyama.After the reception, the payment will be guided to the payment machine next to the entrance and the amount will be presented there, so pay that amount.Although the receptionist is a person, it is unknown whether payment is only made by machine. I asked for a receipt, but the address is entered by a woman at the reception and issued after payment by machine. It’s very useless.Do you not trust the receptionist, or do you want to handle it only with machines in the future? I found it very inconvenient.I wanted to have breakfast, but I was introduced to the hotel next door because there was no facility to eat.The room is new and clean, but it’s a shame that everything is halfway.read more
Saaa D
13:50 07 Mar 21
I stayed in a junior suite.I was able to stay at a very cheap price probably because it was a pre-opening period.I took a 2-year-old naughty child, and the front desk staff and the adjacent parking lot were very kind and helpful.The room and lobby are new and very beautiful.The bath and toilet are separate, which makes me very happy with children.The restaurant was being prepared during the pre-opening period, but there is a station building in front of me so I don’t have any trouble eating.I would love to stay again after the grand opening.read more
yako j
06:45 15 Feb 21
I am happy to have a beautiful hotel in Fukuyama.It’s very convenient because it’s right from the station, there are shopping and eating places nearby, and there is a parking lot.It’s open in the corona, but please do your best!read more
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